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Site Rules ?

User Behavior:

Be respectful: Use a polite and respectful language towards other users. Harassment, profanity, or aggressive behavior is not tolerated.

No racism and discrimination allowed: Any form of racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory behavior is prohibited.

No sexual content: Posting sexually explicit images or engaging in sexual conversations is strictly prohibited on our platform.

Privacy and Security:

Protect personal information: Sharing personal information (such as name, address, phone number, etc.), whether yours or others', is prohibited.

Pay attention to security warnings: If you notice security breaches or any dangerous behavior on the platform, report it immediately.

Anonymity: MonkeyTV.Net allows users to have anonymous video chats, so refrain from sharing your real identity information.

Legal Rules:

Respect the law: Engaging in illegal activities or sharing illegal content is strictly prohibited on our platform.

No copyright infringements: Sharing materials that violate others' copyrights is not allowed. This includes music, movies, or other content types.

No violence and threats: Threats, violent behavior, or any intention to cause harm is prohibited.

Platform Usage:

No bots and automated tools: Using bots or automated tools to interact with the platform is prohibited.

No spam and advertising: Posting spam or unwanted advertisements on our platform is not allowed.

User interface: When using the platform, avoid behaviors that may negatively affect the experience of other users.

Reporting and Violation Notification:

Report violations: Users can report any rule violations they notice on the platform immediately.

Violation reports are reviewed: Reports of rule violations are thoroughly reviewed by our platform, and necessary actions are taken.

We strongly recommend all users to adhere to these rules while using MonkeyTV.Net to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.